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Product Name1.3 Million Pixels Ultra Low Illumination Infrared WIFI Bolt




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Product Description

Product Description

Product Model:XET-IPC13F51-W
Product Features
 ◆ Has standard H.264 video compression algorithm, and meets the narrow transmission of the bandwidth network with high definition video, high quality, low bit rate, local high-definition video, watching video more smoothly, and no smear.

 ◆ Ultra low illumination CMOS sensor; color 0.01Lux@F1.2, black and white 0.001 Lux@F1.2
 ◆ 1.3 million high-definition pixel (1280X960) brings the clear picture quality.
 ◆Can achieve remote monitoring by P2P technology (Plug and Play) without making any settings.
 ◆Supports Android, IOS smart terminal remote real-time monitoring (25 video transmission,can view 960P HD images)
 ◆Supports multi-platform, multi-terminal, multi-network.
 ◆Supports upgrade on remote firmware.
 ◆Supports multi-user access and multi-device management.
 ◆Has motion detection, linked photpgraph or video recording and phone alarm as notification ways.
 ◆Provides 4 high-power infrared night vision light illumination, 24-hour monitoring day and night, IR-CUT switch, no color cast during the day, so that night vision can be more clearly.
◆Supports WIFI (IEEE802.11b / g / n), and flexibly form the wireless monitoring environment
◆Supports two-dimensional code login.
◆Supports ONVIF protocoland and be compatible with the mainstream market NVR。
Technical Description

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